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Professional Services for Industry or Residential Depend-A-Can Septic King
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Order Early And Make Sure Your Event is Covered




You may assure that your event will not be forgotten or your order misplaced by MAKING YOUR ORDER NOW!

Your order is completely refundable if your event is canceled by letting us know before the delivery occurs.

Make sure your special event is covered.

Weddings, BBQ’s, Family Reunions, Picnics, Holiday Crowds, Tournaments, etc.

(800) 288-8103

Order and Reserve your toilet(s) and hand washing sinks and RV holding tanks in advance of your event by completing this page.

Your order must be received 7 days in advance of the delivery date.

Double Sided - 2 Sinks

125 Gallon

$75 $75 $150

If your preference is phone orders, please feel free to call.

(800) 288-8103

Portable Toilets

Additional charges may apply at delivery time based on urgency of delivery or quantities ordered.

Hand Wash Stations

RV Holding Tanks

The first portable toilet is $75.  Each additional toilet has a discount of $25.

The first hand wash station is $75.  Each wash station is a dual sink.  Each additional station has a discount of $25.

Each RV Holding Tank is $150.  There is no volume discount for this item.